Current & Future


Our current projects focus on maintenance and enhancement of existing drainage infrastructure, ensuring optimum functionality and efficient water flow. Additionally, we are actively exploring innovative solutions to address new challenges that arise from changing weather patterns and evolving agricultural practices. Scroll below to learn more about our current and upcoming projects as we strive to foster sustainable agricultural practices and ensure a resilient and thriving community for years to come.

Section Maintenance

2019 Oct – We removed stumps and tress along portions of the ditch, made a path along portions of the mile as well as dredged out the ditch from County Road K to County Road RR. Along with leveling out some of the material along the field edges.

2024 Feb to April – Work was performed to remove trees and brush from the ditch and within the 20 foot right away.  This was south of the Onion River and North of County Road RR.

Tree & Brush Removal

Removal of brush and trees within ditch and 20 foot right away. Any brush and tree remove on property will stay on site as cut up wood or will be shredded. Tree stumps will be cut down to ground level. 

Ongoing Maintenance

Annual removal of over grown brush and tress that have fallen in the ditch. Repair of any culverts or bridge that may be damaged.